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Register as a volunteer

You can register as a volunteer with the informal group behind this website. Fill in this form to let us know how you can help.

We now have a good number of volunteers (over 150) and so if you don’t hear from us it means that the existing volunteers have things covered already. If things get busy we may contact you later.


CAMAD, our local volunteer organisation, is also asking for people with DBS checks and clean driving licenses as they are particularly welcomed. We may share with CAMAD the contact details of volunteers registered with us so they can assist with prescription collection and the most vulnerable in our communities. Alternatively, you can contact them directly.

☎️ 01654 700071 / 💻


PAVO, on behalf of Powys County Council, is looking for people to volunteer in vital health and social care roles at this time. For more information and to register, please go to this website and register.

Planna Fwyd! – Plant Food!

Want to volunteer to increase food production in the area?
Fill out our form to offer land, skills, resources or time.

More information:

Making Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Join this Facebook group to meet more volunteers coordinating to make PPE (masks, scrubs, faceshields and with time even more).

Heart, Body and Mind

Free online live sessions with local community and professional facilitators located in Machynlleth to support people at home during lockdown.

They are also offering emotional support over the phone or using video calls.

If you would like to get involved with the group please fill out this form.