Renter support 🏠

I’m struggling to pay my rent 

You cannot be evicted during this time: information here.

If you can’t pay your rent

You should explain the situation to your landlord straight awayβ€” they might give you more time to pay. You still need to pay your rent. If you’ve fallen behind with your rent you should start dealing with rent arrears. You can also check if you can get extra financial help

Advice Mid-Wales is a local charity that can offer advice on housing and rent-related issues.

Powys County Council offers Discretionary Housing Payments: information here.

Powys County Council also has a Welfare Rights Team:

Powys County Council have also set up a dedicated hotline: 01597 826345

Social Housing Renters

Powys CC tenants have 2 rent-free weeks from 6th April tenants will get charged rent but there will be no applications to court for arrears for the next 3 months. Arrears will still accrue however which means you will have to pay them back using an agreed repayment plan. There is no plan to offer any more rent-free weeks as people are able to claim housing costs through Housing benefit (HB) or Universal Credit (UC). Contact Powys County Council Housing Office. 

All housing associations are open for business, working remotely and can be contacted online or by phone. In Machynlleth the social landlords are Wales and West and Mid Wales Housing Association.  Both will have people available to talk about rent payment issues etc.

MWHA: 0300 111 3030 /  

W&W: 0800 052 2526 /

If you are facing homelessness

If you are facing homelessness for whatever reason contact Powys County Council Housing Office via or 01597 8274764. Ask for the Private Sector Development Officers or the Housing Management and Options Officers. They may be experiencing increased demand but they are helpful people and have resources to help you.

If you want to share your experience

During this time we are interested in listening to your experience. Personal testimonies are powerful, and sharing stories help people in power understand and address the injustices of precarity. If you want to talk to us about your experience (this can be anonymous if you want), email us:  

Finding work 

If you are able to get straight back in to work Powys County Council are recruiting: You can find out more details about the jobs and apply via or by calling 01597 826409. 

Useful local links

Rentsmart Wales

All landlords in Wales have to be licensed. If you own a house in Wales and you rent it out to tenants you have to complete The Rent Smart Wales course and exam. Landlords who are not licensed can be prosecuted for not having a license. Check your landlord here.

Contact us ❀️

We have paused our community support line due to low demand. If you need support please contact Camad on 01654 700071.